Monday, April 21, 2014

This week we are talking Ladybugs

This week I,Shel get to host the challenge of Ladybugs,  I wanted to share a personal story from my childhood. 
It was the night before Mother's day and I wanted the perfect thing for my mom,  I was around eight years old.  I had said a little prayer the night before that I could find something for my mom, was thinking flowers or a rock as she was a rock collector.   I woke on mother's day felt the sun on my cheeks and opened my eyes and my room was filled with ladybugs,  they were on my drapes the walls, ceiling, light fixture.  WOW and guess what?  My mom loves (Still does) ladybugs! Even had a red and black ladybug bathroom.   I snuck down the the kitchen and got a jar and filled it up.  I got to give it to my mother for Mother's day.

The info...  is

 They are very Photogenic

 Cakes for a Ladybug themed party

A color sheet 

And of course ladybug collectors coffee cups

and painted rocks

How to draw them


So with these awesome prompts for this week 



Karla B said...

What a lovely story you shared about your childhood!Beautiful!

Fran said...

That is a story worthy of publication. And those examples are all beautiful. I have got to try to come up with an original idea for a lady bug.

Maggie said...

Shel, what a fun challenge! I love your Mothers Day story. Would make a great children's book!

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